Corporate and Social Responsibility.

At NU Construction we believe in taking total responsibility for our health and safety performance, the environment and world we live in, our business ethics, the way we treat people and our role in the wider community.

Health and Safety.

Health and safety of our employees, sub-contractors and the general public is our number one priority and we operate a formal safety management system in conjunction with our published Health and Safety policy.

We have an outstanding record in health and safety and as a result our accident frequency rate is one of the lowest in our sector. In conjunction with our excellent risk management and low incidence of accidents we pay particular attention to specific occupational health risks and our aim is to ensure that no harm to our employees health occurs as a result of our activities.

Company Health & Safety Policy General Statement.

It is the company's intention that any works carried out will comply with the current statutory legislation and all reasonable practicable measures to avoid risk to its employees or others who may be affected will be enforced.

Management and supervisory staff have the necessary training and responsibility for implementing this policy throughout the company and they must ensure that the health and safety considerations are given priority in estimating, planning and the day to day supervision of the work.

All operatives, sub-contractors and any client direct labour that may be involved in any project will be expected to cooperate with the company in carrying out this policy, and they must ensure that their own work, so far as is practicable, is carried out without risk to themselves or others.

The Directors will appoint a designated health and safety co-ordinator, who will be responsible for health, safety, and welfare on specific projects, any reference to difficulties arising with the implementation of this policy shall be referred to the designated person.

The Directors, Senior Management and the staff of NU Construction will monitor the implementation of this policy.

This statement of company policy will be displayed prominently at the companies offices.

The organisation and arrangements for implementation of the policy will also be available at each of NU Construction’s sites and workplaces for reference by any employee as required.


We realise that alongside health and safety the environment is rapidly becoming the key issue facing companies in all industry sectors, particularly the construction industry. Therefore we aim to prevent environmental harm from any of our business activities. Environmental management and systems are at the core of our business strategy, protecting the world we live in is not optional.

We are currently working towards achieving ISO14001 as part of our Environmental Stewardship Programme which will constantly review and qualify our environmental impact in respect of carbon footprint, water footprint, waste and recycling, noise and vibrations and emissions and odours.

An Environmental Future.

All industries and sectors must change and adapt operating procedures in the future. The industrialised age must give way to a new ecological age and work towards sustainable and less harmful business practices. At NU Construction we are aware that the current construction industry model is not sustainable in the long term and we have embarked on a policy of environmental changes utilising developments in technology, materials and construction techniques to lessen our impact. This is a process of continued development and improvement that is integral to our core values and business direction.

The NU Construction environmental policy includes:

Working towards a sustainable business model

Reduce the impact on our reserves of natural resources

Re-use and recycle at every opportunity

Reduce our carbon footprint by 10% per year

Reduce our water footprint by 5% each year

Operate with energy efficient materials and building techniques

Reduce our landfill waste by 5% per year

Minimise our impact on local ecology around sites


NU Construction is a people business, our teams are what makes our company special. In order to develop the skills and abilities of our people we aim to provide a safe, healthy, challenging and rewarding environment for all employees and allow them to use their talents to the full through continual training and development.

The objectives and performance of the company are clearly communicated and performance of individuals is rewarded.

All employees receive equal treatment regardless of age, gender, origin, disability, religion or beliefs.


At NU Construction we realise our activities have an impact on the wider community and as a result we are committed to making a positive difference and we seek to engage with communities and keep them fully informed of all issues which might affect them.

A particular strength of Nu Construction is their personal attention to detail and the aptitude of their Managing Director and Commercial Director whose communication capabilities provide concise problem-solving results.

  • Andrew Cliffe
  • Partner
  • Ryden LLP

A particular strength of Nu Construction is their personal attention to detail and the aptitude of their Managing Director and Commercial Director whose communication capabilities provide concise problem-solving results.

  • Andrew Cliffe
  • Partner
  • Ryden LLP