15 // April 2024

Renovating Listed Buildings

Are you aware of the challenges construction companies face when tasked with the renovation of a listed building? Find out how we tackle these obstacles and ensure client satisfaction by reading the article below.
Heritage Project Cliffe House

Listed buildings are considered properties of special architectural or historical interest and national importance. Protecting and preserving that heritage makes carrying out renovations or alterations more challenging and complex than for non-listed buildings. Here we examine what those challenges and complexities are and discuss the importance of partnering with a heritage specialist company like Nu Construction.

Complying with regulations and planning permissions

Owners are required to obtain listed building consent from their local planning authority before any alterations take place, and detailed plans will need to be submitted about the intended work and how it will affect the building's character. Planning permission is not always granted and even when it is, plans will often need to be amended before local authorities are happy with them. By partnering with Nu Construction from the outset, our expert guidance and advice, together with our in-depth knowledge of the planning process, can help minimise the potential that planning applications are rejected or need amendment.

Moreover, when permission is granted, planning authorities will want to ensure the integrity and character of the property, especially any special architectural or historical features. Often they will stipulate not just how the finished building will look but the materials or building techniques they want to be used.

Our experience of working with listed buildings means our team will plan your projects sympathetically, maintaining a smooth development using suitable materials that match the building and align with planning requirements. Our extensive supply network means we are better placed than most companies when it comes to sourcing potentially hard-to-get materials, such as the right kinds of stone, wood, tiles and brickwork needed for listed properties.

Building regulations

When alterations to a historic building involve a change of use, an extension or various other modifications, then any work will also need to meet building regulations standards. At Nu Construction, you’ll find our skilled teams have a full understanding of building regulations and we keep up to date with changes. This gives you peace of mind that we can accomplish the preservation and restoration of graded properties while ensuring modifications meet the required standards.

Safety and security

Safety and security are important considerations when working on listed buildings, particularly in the early stages of the project. Buildings that have been poorly maintained or become derelict can have broken glass, weak floors, loose masonry and failing roofs. At the same time, some heritage materials used in these old buildings, like original plasterwork, may be at risk of damage from modern power tools.

At Nu Construction we ensure the building is safe to work in and we keep it secure so unauthorised people do not enter and put themselves at risk. We also make a careful study of the materials used in the original construction to ensure the tools and methods we use will not cause damage to existing features.

Hidden complications

While some issues are obvious before a project starts, others can be discovered during the project. Previously unseen historical features can be unearthed that may also require preservation or there may be hidden structural issues that need to be addressed. These and other unforeseen events mean that heritage projects can sometimes overrun. One advantage of partnering with Nu Construction is that we can operate flexibly to accommodate delays and additional construction requirements. This means you can be assured that we will never leave you with an unfinished property.

The value of an experienced construction specialist

Nu Construction is an expert in heritage building projects. With many years of experience, our teams have worked on a wide variety of listed buildings and know how to deal with the raft of challenges that these properties present.

When working on projects, our specialist craftspeople are skilled at using the right techniques and materials to deliver high-quality restoration and preservation that is structurally sound and complies with planning requirements. At the same time, we carry out any approved contemporary building work, whether that’s the construction of a modern extension or adaptations for a change of use, in a way that is sympathetic to the listed building, and which meets building regulations and planning requirements.

Based in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, and with easy access to the M62 corridor, we are a long-established and trusted construction company that is passionate about architecture and the conservation of our heritage. We care about the work we do and strive to deliver innovative, high-quality solutions with openness and transparency. We manage projects from conception to completion and collaborate closely with owners, architects, planning authorities and building regulations officers to guarantee compliance with plans, planning permissions and standards, and to ensure our listed buildings can be used and enjoyed for generations to come.

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