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Benefits of working with an experienced industrial construction company

Benefits of working with an experienced industrial construction company

Completing industrial construction projects to specification and within deadlines, also budgets, is a highly complex process that involves everything from site surveys and materials procurement to workforce, as well as equipment management, not to mention expertise in overcoming unexpected challenges. Working with an experienced industrial construction company, like Nu Construction ensures the project will go ahead smoothly with anticipated outcomes being achieved.

A partnership built on solid foundations

At Nu Construction we are dedicated to delivering trustworthy, honest and transparent services to our clients and their representatives, such as architects or design teams, that we collaborate with.

We believe it is vital to fully understand our clients' construction requirements, together with their budgetary considerations. This means that before the construction work even begins, we undertake a full review of the project and, where requested, provide clients with a list of all items that are either difficult or uneconomical to construct.

With over 20 years' experience in industrial building, we know the potential pitfalls and their solutions and can suggest alternative items, materials and approaches that can provide better value for money and ensure that clients meet their budgets, Furthermore, we work as a team with architects, structural engineers and other associates to evaluate projects_ here achieving initial designs would cause the contract costs to rise beyond the clients' affordability.

Expertise onsite

Nu Construction has undertaken many industrial projects over the last 20 years, including the design and construction of numerous low and high-bay warehousing, manufacturing and storage facilities.

Under normal circumstances, the ground conditions dictate the design of the foundations. To ensure the correct design is implemented, we always carry out a detailed site investigation that covers not just the footprint of the new building, but the entire area within the site boundary. Following this critical step, we work with the structural engineer to develop the right strategy for the foundations. From a construction perspective, the cheapest option isn't always the most appropriate, however, we will work with stakeholders to find the best solution.

Besides foundation design, we also work with partners to consider the design or redesign of drainage and attenuation (surface water and run-off) solutions to ensure building control and planning requirements are met and, where possible, minimise costs.

Industrial construction projects can often require utility work. Nu Construction will always offer to assist with liaising and coordinating utility companies, where necessary, in either removing, diverting, altering or bringing in new incoming supplies, as required, for the construction works and the completed operation of the unit.

Experience matters

Our extensive experience covers all areas of industrial construction. For instance, when building warehouses, many of our projects required us to develop designs so high bay racking could take place using traditional forklift solutions. We have also worked on warehouse projects featuring fully automated systems where we have designed bespoke concrete slabs to accommodate the required lifting solutions.

We are also experienced in choosing the right cladding solutions for industrial projects. This is vital to ensure the building is watertight, meets planning requirements, and creates the right aesthetic for the client. Similarly, we also understand that the choice of roof and wall construction, either twin skin or a composite cladding solution, depends upon a number of factors. These include planning, buildability, client design preference and any fire or insulation requirements stipulated by building regulations.

We appreciate the requirements of tenants or third parties in buildings being let by our clients. We have carried out a mix of shell-only, part fit-outs, installing amenities such as kitchenettes and WCs, to full turnkey projects, including mezzanines, racking and associated office space to suit.

Nu Construction is also able to design and install roller shutters, composite doors, loading docks, shelters and access solutions, and we can provide advice and suggestions on these matters with regard to budgets, suitability and availability. At the same time, we can design electrical, lighting and mechanical solutions that deliver value for money while meeting the needs of the client and the building's operations. Additionally, we can install security and fire protection systems.

Nu Construction provides tendered, negotiated or full turnkey solutions for clients within the northern counties and midlands regions. Our highly experienced team, meanwhile, go out of their way to complete and hand over units, with minimal snagging, to meet the programme’s needs, including the client's or tenant’s specification, budget and timescale.

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